If you look after an elderly person or are someone who uses a scooter regularly I am sure you would have rented a lot of these in the past thinking that you will save money instead of buying a brand new one. 

Many people who actually own a mobility scooter have reported otherwise, they have said the freedom that it gives you like going to the corner shop by yourself or visiting the doctors on your own is something that is worth the investment.  

This is where if you make a small investment in a mobility scooter you will make your money back many times over and also have the freedom to go out whenever you want it will literally be life changing. In a bonus post by we have decided to review mobility scooter as I have elderly relatives which i take care of and have had hands on experiencing in dealing with these. 

Victory 10 LX mobility Scooter Best Outdoor mobility scooter  

Our top pick and winner of the editor’s choice award The Victory 10 LX with CTS Suspension offers one of the smoothest ride with performance on the market today.

If comfort is your thing or you live in an area with bumpy terrain the Comfort-Trac Suspension (CTS) is the next generation in suspension for mobility scooters.
This company’s industry first technology incorporates advanced suspension components for improved absorption over rough surfaces and a more comfortable ride experience over various terrains.

Not only do they high quality suspension it features feather touch disassembly, wraparound delta tiller, 10” black non-scuffing tires, lightweight 8-position seat, LED lighting package (including curb and rear lights and directional signals) and a front basket!

With a 400lbs weight capacity and the ability to go 16 miles at s peed of 5.6 mph offers versatility for both indoor and outdoor use. which means climbing hills is no problem as this scooter is powerful and with the new age suspension makes it great for outdoors.

In result this makes this scooter the best mobility scooter for outdoors and steep hills


The seat is comfortable! with 8 different seat positions/adjustments for maximum comfort

Two 40AH batteries increase the scooters max range 

Comfort trac front and rear suspensions

400lbs weight capacity


Expensive when compared to others but worth the investment


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Medical Scout Compact Travel Power Scooter

Another great choice and a little less pricey is the Drive Medical Scout Compact Power scooter. There are cheaper scooters then this but they end up costing you money because of the battery.

So many people have bought a low priced scooter and have the battery stop working within a month and then spend $300-$500 to buy a new one! way more then the scoCustomer Reviews Buttonoter itself cost.

However this scooter comes with an upgraded battery and longer life to save money in the long run. a powerful battery means that this mobility scooter goes up steep hills easily.

Another handy feature is that you can ride this scooter with one hand! as the throttle is located on one side and the steering is extremely smooth. 


Anti-tip wheels

20AH batteries increase the scooters max range 

Padded adjustable are rests 

4 wheels for extra stability


Does not have suspension so can be bumpy on uneven surface


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Go-Go Ultra X 3-Wheel Travel Mobility Scooter Review

The Go-Go Ultra X is an excellent choice for a mobility scooter. A unique feature on this scooter is that the frame design also includes a latching mechanism that allows for one-handed disassembly, a useful drop-in battery box and a front-frame mounted seat post for maximum stability.

With a 260 lb. weight capacity, a maximum speed up to 4 mph, a per charge range up to 6.9 miles, this scooter will get you through a full day without having to recharge effortlessly

If you need to transport the scooter in your vehicle for example the new frame design easily disassembles into 5 ultra-lightweight pieces perfect for transporting.



Handy off-board dual voltage charger which can charge battery pack on-board or off-board!

260lb weight capacityCustomer Reviews Button

Users reports battery lasts 2 years and replacement battery only costs $30

Backed by 5 year warranty 


Volume of the horn is soft

Seat is not the most comfortable (most scooters have the problem you can juts buy a padded cushion to solve this!)