It known worldwide that cycling can be a very fun and highly enjoyable activity, research has shown that riding your bike can greatly help with reducing stress, boost your overall physical condition, and it can also soothe some pains and help during the recovery process.

Depending on what you type of bike you ride, there are a number of different ways to go about  when you are shopping for a bike rack for your car.

It mostly comes  down to this – if you drive a fairly nice, medium sized sedan, and would like to keep the trunk operational, then what you need is a roof mounted bike rack.

We will review the best bike rack for your car  we will go in discuss the different types of racks there are Fork-mount, Frame-mount and wheel-mount style roof racks, and we have the found some the best ones of each below.


Best bike Racks for your car

Yakima – ForkLift-Fork Style Rack Review

This Beautiful looking slick bike rack is feather light and designed to last you a long time. The size of this rack is 54 x 6 x 6 and weighing just 9.4 lbs.

The Yakima Fork Lift cleverly designed build has a robust steel construction which allows it to support a number of different sizes of bikes effortlessly.

The Yakima Fork Lift Bike Rack is pretty what it says it is. Which is a specific type of bike rack which clamps on your bike’s front fork. This is both a positive and negative at the same time.

It is quite easy to forget you are driving with a bike on the roof of your car, and this makes judging any clearance a chancy proposal. However a benefit of having a fork mount rack helps this matter as it lowers the height.

But this is also a drawback, as you need to take the front wheel off every time you mount the bike. This can quickly become quite annoying.

The Yakima has a handy quick release clamp which is straight forward and easy to adjust. This also takes care of the dropouts of difference in thickness.

The Bike Rack’s clamp has 3 different settings. The lower two settings are ideal for helping the factory crossbars. While on the other hand, the high setting is used for square and round bars.

The bike rack also comes with T-bolts with hand-tightened knobs. These knobs pass through the rack and you can tighten them until they fit well with your hand.

A bit of testing might be needed for you to pick the best clamp position for the factory crossbars. Also to note that the clamp lever is threaded through the skewer slides through the bike rack.

You can position the clamp lever to the left of right. This is a positive because you can mount the rack on either side of your vehicle. While not needing the use of any special tools to either install or remove the bike rack.

While the installation and removal of this bike rack are very easy, it’s not recommended to take it on and off every day.

It’s also significant to remember that if your vehicle’s rear hatch wings upwards, you should ensure that the hatch doesn’t hit the back end of the bike rack once opened.

Otherwise, you will have to reverse the positioning of the bike rack or move the cross bars forward.


  • Simple tool-free installation and removal of the bike mount from your car roof rack
  • Secure and lockable skewer with integrated adjustment knob for single-handed, easy access (SKS LOCK CORES sold separately)
  • Easy-to-adjust sliding wheel tray makes positioning the rear wheel a snap
  • Fits car rack systems with round, square and most factory crossbars right out of the box



Doesn’t touch the painted surfaces of your bike and makes for a great bike mount for your carbon rig

Can mount your bike on left or right side

Simple “tool free” installaton


You have to remove front fork every time for loading

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CyclingDeal 1 Bike Car Roof Carrier

This Bike Car Roof Carrier Rack by Cycling Deal is a great selection for people looking for a quality bike rack that is budget-friendly.

This is a frame mount model, which means it clamps onto your bike’s frame as opposed to the fork or front wheel, which is a great upside, because you don’t have to take wheel off every time you mount it.

The drawback of this is that, you will have a bit more trouble with the clearance, as the profile will be much taller.  Additionally, this also puts greater extra stress on the frame, so for this reason it not recommended if you ride a carbon fiber frame.

Nevertheless, this rack is much more than affordable and even comes with a FREE lock to protect your bike from being stolen.

A lock wont 100% guarantee the bike won’t be stolen but it is a worthwhile deterrent (if you think about it, they are more likely to steal the car instead of the, so this mean the lock does its work!).

Yes the rack can’t stand up to the ones double or triple the price of this however. It is a good bike rack for the money. The Cycling Deal1 Bike Car Roof Carrier Rack Bicycle Rack works by using a frame holder to lock your bike’s frame securely.

This means that there will be no scratches or dents on your bike’s frame. Using this rack will mean you will not need to remove the front wheel when mounting your bike.
It’s also relatively easy to install the bike rack. If your vehicle does not have crossbars, you may need to install them first.

The rack seamlessly fits with crossbars which are up to 1.6 inches thickness and a max width of 3.2 inches.  Once the crossbars are secure in place, the rack installation is easy. Just place the rack across and clip it onto the crossbars, and then use its bolts to secure it.

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Comes with free lock

It is a fork mount so no need to remove the front wheel to mount your bike 

Will not damage the from with the frame mount model.


You have to remove front fork every time for loading

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RockyMounts Tomahawk Upright Mount Review

We included the Rockymounts’ TomaHawk bike rack for people who have different bikes and you’re in need of a sturdy bike rack that can carry them all.

This is a roof-mounted upright carrier that lets you the cyclists keep both wheels on their bikes.  It can mount to nearly all the different types of crossbars including round, aero, square, factory, and other types of crossbars.

What makes RockyMounts bike carrier exclusive is that it can work impeccably with all bike styles including mountain, bike, children’s bikes, cruisers, and even fat bikes with a maximum of 5 inches rubber!

The majority of bike racks for cars are the fork mount type which again means that you always have to remove the front wheel to load the bike onto the rack.

Though this might not be that much of a problem to a number cyclists, it creates the hassle of having to store your bike’s front wheel in your car taking up space that can be used for other items.


The process of mounting and unloading the bike is made really easy with this device. This rack comes with a small nub to keep wheel straps out of the way.

The arm gives this rack a sense of confidence being durable enough to pull in place. It’s good to remember that this sureness is boosted by the loud ratcheting click as you snug the hook over the front wheel.

One exclusive thing about this grip is that it doesn’t interfere with the bike frame and therefore, you don’t have to worry about scratches and dents. This means saving money on by not having to repaint the bike or correcting dents.

Unloading the bike is easy as well, all you need to do is to squeeze the release button (as simple as that!)

This bike roof rack is designed from a lightweight corrosion-resistant aluminum. Also, the aluminum is coated with black powder finish which ensures the rack’s frame will last for many years.

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Comes with free lock

It is a fork mount so no need to remove the front wheel to mount your bike 

Will not damage the from with the frame mount model.


Rattles when not in use