Who We Are 

Active X Sports is an independent 3rd party product review blog. We undertake thorough comprehensive product research and review them in order to help you readers save time, and effort and avoid bad purchases.

Founded with the sole aim of bringing up a list that stands out as the best of the best Outdoor sports gears research website.

We aren’t essentially looking for the most luxurious or feature-packed products. Instead, we take into account the types of features that are likely to matter for the average user.

Why Should I Listen To You?

We are adventure junkies and have tried firsthand a wide range of products and have and know a community of people like us who recommend certain gear.

If we haven’t tried them out a first hand then we do the research which can take typically between 12-30 hours! Our reviews and recommendations are based on real-world experience and comprehensive research. To give you an honest and unbiased view of the product you wish to purchase.

What To Do If We Haven’t Reviewed A Product That You Are Looking?

There are so many different products and if you haven’t found what you are looking for just drop us an email in our contact section and we will have a review up as soon as we can.