Best full suspension mountain bike under 1000 in 2020 [Reviewed]

full suspension mountain bike

Riding a bike is a truly fun and healthy outdoor activity. However, if you want to have more fun and excitement then  you can try riding the a full suspension mountain bike. With these bikes you can cycle through the rough terrains of a dangerous mountain, while blazing at full speed. 

This isn’t an activity that a normal bike can handle and therefore you need a mountain bike to do this. And not just any mountain bike a full suspension mountain bike to absorb all the shocks at the front and rear of the bike.

Whatever you reason these bikes are expensive and we have compiled a list of the best full suspension mountain bikes under $1000 so lets jump right in. 



Best full suspension mountain bikes under $1000

Merax Falcon Full Suspension Mountain Bike Review

[easyazon_image align=”left” height=”500″ identifier=”B07PCPKRW3″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”activexsports-20″ width=”500″]The Merax brand established in 1995 has multiple years of experience coupled together with good customer service has created an established presence in the online biking community.

This bike has a weight capacity of 330lbs so it can be rode on by heavier users . You also need to note that this mountain bike is Certificated and CPSC Approved. This has won our editors choice award and we explain why below

Merax Falcon features

Front and rear suspensions

Being a full or dual suspension bike you will experience a smoother ride that absorbs impact with ease from both ends of the bike, which in end will result in less disruptive bounce when riding on rough terrain. 

This will ensure you have consistent contact between the ground and your wheels when turning hard corners or on slippery terrain for optimum riding efficiency.

Travel Suspension Fork

[easyazon_image align=”right” height=”350″ identifier=”B07PCPKRW3″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”activexsports-20″ width=”350″]A travel suspension fork  is a fork which works by letting the rider go over the most tricky and challenging terrains comfortably and smoothly. The Merax Falcon Full Suspension Mountain Bike comes with one of the best around.

The travel suspension fork on this mountain bike allows sturdy expansion which allows it to be used on the roughest of terrains.

The advanced aluminum mechanical lockout suspension fork that comes with the Merax Falcon Full Suspension Mountain Bike gives an additional form of protection for the user and enables him to have a smoother ride with more control.

This mechanical lock lasts quite some time, and the reason for this is because the aluminum is smoother and lighter. This 80mm suspension fork is ideal for rocky roads and sudden dips.

Braking System

The braking systems is one if not the most important part of a mountain bike as you need to come to a stop safely when blazing at full speeds. There are many different options available and each has some advantages over the other.

The Merax Falcon Full Suspension Mountain Bike features a linear press braking system which is the most-widely used braking system for bicycles all across the world. These brakes are quite powerful because of the leverage.

The brake pads are easy to replace and very  the price range is wallet friendly .

The levers, brake pads, and cables are interchangeable between brands which makes it easier to fix while not costing you a fortune.

Shimano 21-speed Derailleurs and Shifters

The Merax Falcon Full Suspension Mountain Bike comes with a massive 21 different speed settings.

This 21 rapid fire derailleurs and shifters allow you to power up and down hills, comfortably that you will almost glide on flat surfaces and up angled hills.

Molded Handlebar & Seat

The bars areeat is made of high grade rubber gripped handle bars while bicycle seat is designed of the natural contours of the human body in mind for a natural fit when riding.


Anti Skid on types and pedals

Comes with a release front wheel which makes removal easier

Maintenance on the bike is easy


The quick release is easy to operate, but are one of the most mis-adjusted parts in a mountain bike which can cause the quick release to move inside the axle mounts on the fork

Dashed Line

Mongoose Impasse Full suspension mountain bike review

[easyazon_image align=”left” height=”307″ identifier=”B006Y5GIF6″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”activexsports-20″ width=”500″]The Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension is a another great mountain bike on our list. It is the ultimate 29 inch rim at an affordable price.

Equipped with an aluminum full-suspension frame, this trail-capable bike gives a smooth and controlled ride  and it features an

  • Element front fork,
  • Shimano gearing,
  • SRAM twist shifters, 
  • Front & rear disc brakes.


you should know that this bike is not the extreme sports bike you would have wished for as it can’t take that much beating. However for a mountain bike which is under $300 it isn’t  that bad, especially if you love to go hiking on normal off track trails.



Easy to assemble on your own Customer Reviews Button

Surprisingly comfortable seat

To quality brakes allow for precise stopping power


The Frame is quite short

Dashed Line

 Gravity FSX 1.0 MTB Bike

[easyazon_image align=”left” height=”300″ identifier=”B0147MDLYI” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”activexsports-20″ width=”500″]This is another great full suspension mountain bike under 1500. The bike is good quality bike this for such an affordable price. and with the price tag it requires absolute attention to detail towards every part, otherwise it’s all in vain. The Gravity FSX 1.0 does all of that, and much more.

The FSX 1.0 is a full suspension bike, which is made possible by its hydroformed aluminum alloy frame. The frame has immaculate welding points, and  the clever design makes sure there is reinforcement and strength in all the areas that receive the most stress and impact on the ride.

Even with the dual suspension and added frame reinforcement, the bike stays around the 26 lbs range. We know this may not be considered light weight when compared to some other bikes, the 26 lbs is still quite impressive for a full suspension bike, regardless of how much it is.

The FSX 1.0’s suspension has Suntour shocks for both the fork and the rear, which a great to see this on entry level mountain bikes.  

The bikes seatpost is also made from the same aluminum alloy as the frame, which holds a very comfortable saddle that is actually one of the standout points of this bike. It makes flatter sections and casual riding all  that much more comfortable and fun.

As for the gear system, it is entirely comprised of certified shimano parts, which notably includes the ultra-light and responsive Shimano EFT shifters.

The Suntour components make up the crank and cassette. All of these combine to give a quick and efficient shift system that gives you total control over the bike’s 24 total gears.

Quality disc brakes are a rarity for this price range, but the FSX 1.0 goes against  the grain with that as well. Tektro Novela disc brakes give you all the stopping power needed.

All of this results in a highly impressive bike that performs way above its price range. We really aren’t sure how you get all this for under $500.Customer Reviews Button


Dual full suspension

Dual mechanical disk brakes

 Quality Suntour shocks very good for an entry-level full suspension bike


Rear suspension could be better

Dashed Line

Northwoods Aluminum Full Suspension Mountain Bike

[easyazon_image align=”left” height=”332″ identifier=”B008B2N0V0″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”activexsports-20″ width=”500″]We have a included a full suspension mountain bike which can be used for your kids.

If you want to take our son or daughter along with you to learn the basics of a mountain bike trail then this bike will do it for you.  Or if you want to ride the bike yourself  you can do that as well.

As the name says, this bike has an aluminum full suspension frame which has a 50mm steel crown fork for relaxing and comfortable riding. 

In addition to this, the bike has a Shimano rear derailleur and 21-speed twist shifters, which allows your child to cruise down trails at amazing speeds.

You don’t have to worry about whether or not the bike is safe, the Northwoods bike has 24 inch alloy rims, a steel triple crank and an alloy seat clamp, which are all sturdily built.



Full Suspension Aluminum FrameCustomer Reviews Button

Shimano Rear Derailleur

50mm Steel Crown Fork


Rear suspension could be better

Dashed Line

Schwinn Protocol 1.0 

[easyazon_image align=”left” height=”457″ identifier=”B001IANSJ6″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”activexsports-20″ width=”500″]The Schwinn Protocol 1.0 is another great example of a quality affordable mountain bike.

It features an aluminum dual suspension frame, which translates to having the bike become lightweight while also absorbing the bumps and ruts that you encounter on your trail.

Similarly the front fork absorbs all the thumps up front, so your arms and shoulders don’t have to go through that. There are 24 speeds with Shimano EZ-Fire shifters and a Shimano Altus rear derailleur.

The amount of different speeds will help you climb the very steep hills and the toughest trails and the renowned “Schwinn” brand means that the engineering was done right.

The Promax front disc brake and rear alloy linear pull brake gives tremendous stopping power ensuring you will come to a complete stop after blazing at high speeds.

The three piece cranks and double walled alloy rims are light but strong which means that you have a quality bike that was built for mountain biker that  performs well on the mountain trails.


24-speed Shimano EZ-Fire trigger shifters
Customer Reviews Button

Easy to assemble 

Very lightweight frame


Some fine-tuning is necessary

No place to hold a hand pump or a water bottle