Losing weight at home is the ideal solution for a lot of people’s long-term health accomplishments. Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide are trying to do it, but with so much mis- information about how to actually lose weight it is really hard to know who to believe.

We have found you the best home exercise equipment for weight loss, but before we get into the list we thought it was important to know how losing weight or FAT actually works so you know what exercises to do with your home exercise equipment.

How Losing Weight Really Works

The first thing to know is that you can’t put train a bad diet so before you do any exercise losing weight is 70% diet so you cant to make sure you are having vegetables with your meals and your 5 a day fruits etc.


Before you can know which is the best exercise equipment to actually lose weight you need to understand the basic science behind weight loss. It’s pretty simple concept but not so easy to do:


To lose weight, or body fat you need to be burning MORE calories in a day than you are consuming.


In a nutshell, that’s it! You may be thinking by that reason, choosing the best equipment for weight loss is going to be bases on which burns the most calories, right? And the answer to that is No.


The best way to put this that you need to choose a form of exercise the most enjoyable to do. Say for example if you are a women and like dancing Zumba could be an option where you do various dances and that in turn burns calories. There are number of ways to do this and some are.



HIIT this stands for (High-Intensity Interval Training). It’s extremely useful and very popular  in the fitness world, and it’s truly one of the best ways to burn calories in the shortest amount of time.


It works on the principle of burning calories by going flat out, full speed ahead hardcore exercising, but in short bursts hence the (Interval) part of the HIIT. A common way to do this is to exercise for example on a rowing machine rowing as hard as you can for 45seconds and then have a 30 second rest then repeating the process over 10 mins.


The workout that would you usually take and hour burns the same amount of calories in half the time. If this sounds to much to you can do the normal cardio workout called LISS.


This is the complete opposite end of the field here LISS stands for (Low-intensity steady state). That’s taking things at a slower pace and doing cardio for a longer time.


Personally, I do a mix of HIIT and LISS as some days I have big blurts of energy and want to go flat out. And some days I would rather have a more relaxing workout and listen to some steady tempo music and have slowly bike ride or run.



This is the last form of exercise for weight loss. With a machine like an upright bike, rowing machine or treadmill, is what you would need for this.


One of my friends used to row for team USA and he would always be trying to beat his best personal time and rowing 2km in the fastest time possible. Doing something like this gives you a challenge and also allow is you to track when you are getting better.

As earlier we were talking about doing something you find enjoyable this could be it, I used to have friendly competitions  and aim to get to a certain distance in the best time possible and that was fun  for me and I forgot that I was working out and just focused on the goal ahead.

No we go into the best exercise workout equipment for weight loss below

Best home exercise equipment for weight loss


Rowing Machine

First on our list and potentially the only piece of equipment you will need is the rowing machine. As you may know this engages and tones every part of your body back, legs, arms glutes, abs everything.

And second it is perfect for doing a HIIT workout or LISS as you can go flat out for more intensity or reduce the resistance on row at a much slower pace.

The one we recommend is foldable so ideal for home environment where you have a limited amount of space. also as you can see on the left it can be used for specifically targeting areas of your body. So if you are on a budget would recommend to just get a rowing machine and upgrade to other other equipments once your have my money to invest in your workout equipment.


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Exercise Bike

Number 2 on our list is the exercise bike, if you want to focus more on your legs or core area then this is on that will help you lose weight in those areas particularly.

Coupled together with a good diet I see bike riding as a relaxing way to focus on your cardio workout. We have a review of Upright exercise bikes to save you the time of researching your self just click HERE to read more

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Treadmills are very well known as one of the most efficient ways to work up a sweat is to run! with burning calories this s a simple

way to do this and with functions such as incline and targeted workout out for

performance such as marathons this is a good way to keep your cardio interesting and favourable so that you will return and keep on using the machine.

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Jump Rope

The final item on our list is the jump rope, a classic piece of equipment and by far the best HIIT workout as you can start burning calories very quickly with skipping.

Within 2 minutes of intense skipping you will already start sweating and having correct intervals will give you a good HIIT workout. On the other hand this would not be ideal for a LISS workout.