Home Gym Essentials – 7 *CRUCIAL* must haves

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In this article we will go though Home Gym Essentials now for any gym there are “nice” things you can have to enhance your workout but if you are trying to build your gym and get the bare essential gym equipment, to give you a good fat burning or muscle building workout this is the list for you.

These 7 gym essentials equipment pieces will give you all  you need. So, if like me you get tired of the over-crowded gym scene, or just want the freedom of training in the comfort of your own home, follow along and find out exactly what you need to transform your physique at home!

1 . Squat Rack With a Pull Up Bar

First up and the most expensive gym essential is the squat rack in your home gym with a pull up bar. You will want to invest in a good quality one as you will need this for all the big compound movements like squats, rack pulls, and bench presses.

Also you will get the multi-purpose benefit without  having the need for a separate setup/space for pull ups and chin ups.

When you are loading up hundreds of pounds on a barbell and relying solely on the clips or safety arms to save yourself in a heavy lift it’s not something you want to cheap out on!

We recommend as this is the most expensive invest in your home gym spend a bit of money and invest in quality, it will last a lot longer and your future self will thank you for it in the long run.

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2 . Adjustable Bench 

Not to much to mention here but one of the backbones of your home gym essential. not only can you use it for bench pressing but for

  • Sit ups
  • Push ups
  • Seated cable lateral raises
  • One are dumbbell curling (For back/lats)
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3 . Barbell & Bumper plates

The next thing you’ll need to invest in is a goo quality power barbell and some bumper plates.

Again, you should be sure to spend your money on a good bar here. You’re going to be loading hundreds of pounds on this thing and putting it through quite a beating over the years to come.

Going cheap on a barbell will mean that it will end up corroding very quickly, the finish will chip and crack and it won’t have a quality knurl. Ultimately it will bend squeak and end up unusable.

As for the plates, you don’t need anything over the top you don’t generally come across “bad quality’ plates its mostly the physical aspects you would need to look out for like chips and cracks but if any middle priced plate should be fine.

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4. Dumbells

You probably already thought of this as a gym essential but I personally would not recommend the traditional interchangeable dumbbell.

Firstly is that they take up so much room, if you have a home gym you want to save as much space and having the multiple dumbness or the dumbbell plates laying round just doesn’t motivate you and creates a lot of mess in my opinion

The Adjustable dumbbell just has the need for two dumbbells simple and easy, changing them is a breeze and it motivates me more to workout.

to use them you simple turn the dial to your desired weight and then pick them up! makes doing drop sets much more easier and is worth the investment in the long run.

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5. Kettlebell

Kettlebells are such a major necessity to your home gym. One of the biggest advantages of kettlebell training is how simple they are to use.

The sheer amount of movements you can perform with a single bell is astounding, I recommend a chart with a list of the exercise if you are new to using the kettle bell or just want a reminder of a visual image of the exercise just CLICK HERE

There are countless movements you can do some of which are swings, presses, snatches, carries and so much more.

Also if you are tight on money and are buying only one kettlebell this is a completely viable option, you just have to make sure to buy the right weight. If you are wondering what what weight to buy,

I would recommend a 45-50 lbs bell for men and a 30-35 lbs bell for women.

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6. Medicine Ball

This wallet friendly item is an enhancer for your ab workouts and for your metabolic conditioning training. Any one should be fine but the ones with handles is better in my opinion.

The medicine ball increases strength-training exercises, like  the pass-under lunges and the Russian twist, and it can be used to target and isolate many different areas of the body, like shoulders, triceps, abs, back, glutes, quads, and calves.

Also if you work out with a heavy medicine ball  this has been proven to help increase blood circulation, build muscle, and improve posture.

With all of these benefits for a low cost item it is  must have for your home gym

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7. Skipping rope/high intensity cardio piece

Last but not least we have our cardio equipment. The key with this is to forget about the expensive

treadmill and instead choose a high intensity cardio piece so you can get in quick, super-effective sessions.

To burn FAT you will need to do high intensity workout and the rope is a good way to do this.

If you don’t want to use a power rope then a skipping rope is just as good all pro boxers uses it and its just as good.