BEST Skateboard Wheels For Cruising

If you skate you know there is such a good feeling of simply just cruising. No real intention of going somewhere specific just want to enjoy the ride. Now for doing this you want to have the best experience you can and the way to do that is to get the best skateboard wheels for cruising and this article will explain just that.

We will discuss the important factors to look out for when looking for the best skateboard wheels for cruising then list the best 3 so you can have a look and decide which one you will go for.

Our Top Picks on Skateboard Wheels

1. Powell Peralta Rat Bones Re-Issue Skateboard Wheels

I love these wheels! These are the exact reproductions of the wheels you used to ride on your old 10” deck back in the day these are still one of if not the best cruising wheels out there.

Powell Peralta Rat Bones stakeboard wheels

They are soo smooth! The concrete in front of my drive is a bit rough and the wheels I normally skate with (55mm, 101a) make it feel like I’m riding on a cheese grater, but these wheels glide like butter!

If you like to do tricks these are a little heavy so doing tricks with them under your board does take some extra effort, but the way they float over the rough stuff makes them worth the extra weight. These wheels are a great agreement between street and just cruising which is what I was looking for. You can always depend on Bones for a sweet ride and these wheels won’t disappoint.

For holding there own for such a long time and remains the smoothest wheels out there the wheels win our editors choice award 🙂

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2. FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels

FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels

I have tried many different brands over my years of skating  (sector 9, abec11, bones, orangatang etc) and I found a little gem with the Freedare skateboard wheels , (45mm width wheels are ideal for all terrain riding (Cruising)…. they are soft enough to be quiet, smooth and fast, and also hard enough to slide down tarmac and keep in tact. Sugary buttery slides (not icey)

The bearings for these wheels are high quality and spin effortlessly and this is due to ABEC-7 high steel bearings and spacers, which have been installed already which is  a good bonus and helps with maintaining a smooth ride.

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3. Shark Wheel California Roll 60mm 78a All Terrain Skateboard Wheels

shark wheel california roll

The California Shark is one of the best on the market for cruising! They provide you a wide range of colors so you can choose the best color to go with your deck!

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The diameter is 60mm and has a durometer rating of 78a, which is ideal for cruising. They are also whisper quiet and will not make a lot of noise while riding, in addition to that the rides are some of the best you can experience cruising over uneven surfaces are a breeze and you can practically glide over rugged terrain.

Riding over things like gravel and large cracks on the sidewalk or road are done easily with the California Shark, it will go over those surfaces without any issue.

Overall, the California Shark comes in a nice variation of colors and styles to suit your own taste. It’s equipped with the ability to glide over rugged terrain and with great specs, the California Shark will be the ideal choice for a smooth cruise.

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Important points (Buying Guide) to consider when looking for the best Skateboard wheels

1. Selecting the optimum wheel size wheel for your truck

Firstly you need to do some research and after that and you’re certain of the span, of your wheels you will also need knowledge of how you select the right size of the wheel for the truck. Generally, skateboard trucks are grouped into 3 separate parts – with each of them having its unique specific requirement as for the wheel size. These are:

High Trucks – High trucks are ideal if you enjoy carving and cruising. Taking that into account, you will need large wheels for your high trucks. In regards to this one, the most recommended size of wheels for you are ones that are at least 56 mm in diameter.

Middle/Classic Trucks – These types of trucks are known for their flawless all-around profile design which is mainly used on concrete playgrounds and streets. In this example, you would need to go marginally higher in size when compared to the low trucks. That being said, the suggested wheel size for average/standard trucks are those that are in the 53-56 mm range.

Low Trucks – These trucks are mainly for providing additional stability which you will need when you want to perform flip tricks. The perfect wheels for them are those that are smaller in size. In this case, it would be best to go for those that are around 50 to 53 mm. 

2. Suggested sizes based on your deck

The definitive width that you will want need is reliant on your feet size, skating style, personal choice, and height. We will discuss below some of the typical sizes of skateboard decks and the suggested diameter of the wheels that go with them.

  • More than 8.5-inch decks – This deck works well for cruising, half-pipe and mini-ramps. If your deck is at least 8.5 inches in width, then you will probably need wheels that are at least 58 mm.
  • 8.25 to 8.5-inch decks – This size of decks are suited for riders who have big feet also it is good for people who are generally quite tall. They also work well quite well if you like enjoying in the skating park. These decks make you need to use wheels that are minimum 54 mm in diameter. With the maximum wheel diameter at 60 mm.
  • 8.0 to 8.25-inch decks – You can be confident that these decks will work well on parks, rails, ramps, and skating pools. The most recommended size for the wheels would be 52 to 60 millimeters.
  • 7.5 to 8.0-inch decks – These decks are usually considered to be the standard for adult riders who want to ride street and do more technical tricks. For this case, the best wheels for the deck would be those that are around 48 to 58 millimeters.

Durometer Sizing Guidelines 

  • At least 101a – Wheels marked with this type of hardness are recognised to be the hardest and the fastest. The problem is that it also has the least amount of grip. It is not effective on rough and slick surfaces. It only works well for advanced and professional users.
  • 96a to 99a – The renowned wheel that is dubbed the complete versatile wheels. Known for their flawless grip and notable speed. It is ideal for beginners, while also being good for smooth surfaces, pool areas, skate ramps and skating grounds.
  • 88a to 95a – when compared to the preceding scale, this collection is well recognised to be a slightly quicker and tougher. It still has a decent grip although it is somewhat lower when compared to the previous one. Such wheels are ideal for rough surfaces and streets.
  • 83b to 84b – The wheels that require the “B” scale are famous for being very hard. They actually come up twenty points lower when they are put up against the “A” scale. The reason for this is to provide the scale the opportunity to cover twenty more points in likely scenario of very hard wheels.
  • 78a to 87a – Skateboard wheels with this type of hardness are renowned to be yielding. With wheels that are this soft it  makes them perfect for street skating, longboards, and harsh surfaces. These wheels are also the best well for skateboards that need a lot of grip, particularly if you are someone who loves gliding over small rocks and pebble. Wheels with this hardness are best suited for longboards, smooth ride, rough surfaces, hills, and cruising.