This cool gadget can go buy many different names motorized unicycle,one wheel hoverboard,self balancing electric unicycle, electric monowheel, But for the sake of this article we will call it Electric Unicycle.

In this article we review the best electric unicycles that are out in 2019 and hopefully give you better understanding of how to buy a electric unicycle and make sure you get the best one for you.

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The Best Electric Unicycles in 2019

IOTAtrax Review

IOTAtrax Compact Unicycle is a one of a kind award winning Unique device. Which has also won our editor’s choice for Best Electric Unicycle. It’s unique design  placing the two wheels in the middle and foot pads on each side,

this design gives much more room then any other electric unicycle out enabling the rider more room to navigate tight pathways and avoid obstacles effortlessly.

If you don’t already know, Shane Chen – (INVENTOR of the HOVERBOARD) IOTAtrax – who also invented the original hoverboard (Hovertrax),  the Solowheel and Hoverwheel. Now he has the most up to date innovation and the next evolution in rideables – the IOTAtrax.

Shane basically took what he learned from the Hovertrax and Solowheel to arrive at  what he describes as the perfect blend in self-balancing rideables – something that’s lightweight,

easy to ride and maneuver while being comfortable over longer distances. The the price of this electric unicycle is usually under $500 making this the best electric unicycle under $500.



Charges fully in just 40minutes

Smooth turn system – enables efficient turns while staying effortlessly balanced.

Recipient of Digital Trends magazine’s “top tech” award for ridables 


Top speed is only 8mph

max rider weight is only 180lbs

The device is quite heavy weighs 15lbs



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InMotion V8 Unicycle Review

With the InMotion V8, you’ll get around town much faster than if you was using the bus or even riding a bike. You avoid having to carry around a large bike and look for somewhere to park it! With the Inmotion you can zip in between crowds with ease and get to your destination in a flash.

In summary The InMotion v8 is extremely portable, remarkably well considering it has a powerful motor & long lasting battery.

The V8 has an 800watt motor that can travel up to 30 miles on a single charge! That is twice as much as a lot of electric unicycles that are on the market at the moment.
The V8’s top speed of up to 20 mph, you can definitely go up against any traditional bike and beat them.

It goes surprisingly well over bumps and nooks in pavements which is really good for an electric unicycle.Just extra care needs to be taken when going at high speeds as the bumps could send you flying!

The V8 is waterproof so riding in the rain is no problem, however if the whole unit becomes submerged in water the water proof qualities will not save your device.
It offers fantastic support for people weighing up to 250 pounds no matter which angle you are riding,Customer Reviews Button

However on different types of terrain it would not be the same
Lastly, it has a very intuitive easy to use app to maintain your speed, which enables you to reduce your speed if the the speed angles are dangerous for the rider, plus it also controls your music. We have a PDF of the manual here



Intelligent on board chip capable of doing things like preventing sudden stops

Intuitive app with tutorials for beginners

Handle bar for increased ease in transporting the device 


Expensive when compared to other devices

When the battery depletes the device slows down

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Swagtron Swag Roller Review 

The Swagtron Swagroller is a stylish slick self-balancing electric unicycle. It comes with a simple to use beginner’s kit which includes training wheel accessories. This electric unicycle is great for beginners as it allows you to gain strength and confidence in riding a unicycle safely.

This unicycle is fast and is resilient to the weather changes; it works incredibly well in difficult terrains thanks to it’s unique dual wheel design which adds extra stability to the product.

One of the popular features of the Swagtron is the free app that links to your unicycle using bluetooth. The app is your home portal to all of the features the SwagRoller has to offer. Containing everything from speed to  the LED lighting.

Using the app, you can easily adjust the maximum speed of the rider. That means if you are  a parent and don’t want your child going down the street at the maximum 9.3 mph, you can change this with a simple swipe.

The unicycle also comes equipped with a 14” diameter dual air-filled tires you can trust that–if you follow the operating instructions–you are in for a safe and sturdy ride.

You can also easily take it with you when you aren’t riding. Though it weighs quite a bit at 30 lbs, it has a sturdy handle–similar to those on a suitcase–that you can pull out and roll your SwagRoller wherever you can’t ride it.



Free training accessories for beginners 

App which acts as a central hub and lets your control everything from you phone

Handle bar for increased ease in transporting the device 


Not suitable for going up hills if you weigh more the 200lbs

Not suitable for children under 10


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What to Consider When Buying an  Electric Unicycle


You should consider getting one with good specifications, that would still suit your budget and daily life. The price may differ depending on its specification, the material used and the brand.


A lot of Electric Unicycle manufacturers design their models from 8 – 18 MPH. Typically, the trainer’s monocycles are configured with a maximum speed of 8-10 MPH. These models are ideal for daily transportation for short to mid-range distances. Other models with more advanced specs are configured between 11-18 MPH ideal for veteran riders that want to get a little more fun out of the unicycle.

Technically, these models have higher battery capacity (300 Watts and upwards) united with a powerful motor (450 Watts and up). These unicycles have the ability to climb up 25-degree slopes, and are ideal for long range distances.

Charging Time

Typical charge time of batteries may vary depending on the battery’s capability and the specified charger’s voltage. For instance:

  • 600 Watt battery can take up to 5-6 hours
  • 300-500 Watt battery takes 3-4 Hours
  • 170 Watt battery can take 1.5- 2 Hours
  • 130 Watt battery can be completely charged in 1.5 Hours.

The charging time will also change depending on the battery level. The higher the left of over power you have, the smaller the time you will charge the battery.

**Important note take into account you should always use a charger specified by the manufacturer. Other chargers that have a different voltage may shorten the life of the battery, costing you more money in the long run having to buy new batteries.

Max Load

There are two vital things that you need to know when it comes to this subject. The total weight of the unicycle and the maximum load it can carry. Most can take around 8-13 kilos.   An  load volume for each monocycle is 220-264 lbs.

Range Per Charge

This means the total distance that the Electric Unicycle can go once fully charged. The higher battery capability, the longer the distance it can travel on a single charge.

Maneuverability & Control

Electric Unicycles have an on-board CPU that reads the gyroscope sensors’ data. The rider needs to lean body either forward or backward to control the monocycle’s speed and to brake. Leaning forward will propel the monocycle while leaning backward slows it down, This can also be completed by hitting the brake.

You tilt left or right in order to make turns. You need to practice first how to balance with the unicycle, and then how to make turns.

**When leaning it’s only very slight movements that are needed to move the unicycle leaning to far forward or back will cause you to lose control (Happened to me loads of times!)


When selecting your unicycle where possible, choose one with quality certifications. This is in order to assure you that it’s built with exceptional quality. They should have an Ingress Protection level of 65 or more. These will assure you that the Electric monocycle is resistant from dust ingress and water residue.

Other certifications such as the UL 2271 and UL 2272  detail the product’s safety standard agreements. The certification is widely recognized by the American National Standards Institute. as well as European countries and Canada.