Fat Tire Electric bikes are becoming more and more popular in these current time. This is because they are very convenient if you need to get to a place quickly and effortlessly. They can be used for a whole selection of purposes, for example, if you need to run an errand quickly, or you can even use them on a daily basis and use it for you commute to work and back.

What reason is there NOT to buy an Electric Fat Tire Bike?

We will mention this one straight away and this is the weight penalty. If you are buying a fat tire bike you know it is heavy then a normal bike and some electric bikes can be even more heavy.

If you want to make the bike light you will have to mod parts on your own, however the purpose of an electric fat tire bike is to make your more grounded and plow through tricky terrains but if weight is an issue then it would not be for you.

What reason is there to buy an Electric Fat Tire Bike?

There are a number of reasons why you should get one, first of all is that it can save you quite a bit of money and time because, these types of bikes are not like an ordinary bike, they’re electric! they will save money on your commute and you will get there much faster on a electric bike fat tire bike as opposed to an ordinary fat tire bike.

Second is that you don’t have to exhaust yourself peddling so much whether that be bumpy terrains or steep gradients. So it will make exploring places that more intimate. 

Lastly is that you can get to places much quick then walking,cycling or even a scooter. If you need to run an errand or get to somewhere quick this fat tire electric bike will get you there without stress.

We will now go into the the best fat tire electric bikes out right now.

Best electric fat bikes

Addmotor MOTAN Electric Bicycles Mountain Fat Tire Review 

If you are asking what is the best fat tire electric bike? Then put simply it is the ​Addmotor MOTAN,  it comes in as the most expensive model on this list but it is still cheap considering most good e- bikes are $3k+

The Add motor MOTAN is a powered by a 750W  Brushless Rear Hub-Motor and has the potential to go faster if you pedal with  the level one assist. it can take a max weight of up to 300lbs 

The Max Speed this can go on paper is 23MPH and  the max distance is 40-55 Miles Per Charge. (You can still pedal if  the charge is lost) The charging time is a noteworthy 7 hours with the battery life itself housed in a sealed pack, which is removable. 

The new  TEKTRO mechanical  Front/Rear alloy disc brake, will bring you to a  complete halt whenever you need to with its powerful brake system.

The Electric bike also features 2 modes: E-bike&Assisted Bicycle.

  • The Eco-friendly Swagger is 100% Electric & Emissions Free, Saving Both Your Wallet & The Environment
  • The Assisted mode does what it says on the tin assists you when riding so you use hardly no effort to ride.

With the night mode LCD  it ensures visibility  during the night, it shows the mileage, speed, battery percentage and all other essential info.

This bike also comes with a USB outlet to charge your phone are any other electric device, so you always have power on the go.

With the 4 Inch wide tires  they allow you yo easily float over a any  terrain  that means snow, sand mud and bumpy mountain terrains.

Has an Eco-friendly mode which reduce your emissions `

Has a max weight capacity of 300 lbs

You have the option to pedal manually 


Quite expensive

Dashed Line

ECOTRIC  – Tornado Full Suspension Mountain Electric  Fat Tire Bike

fat tire electric bike This is the Best all round electric bike. Out of the research this came out on top and narrowly missed our top spot.

The dashboard is very intuitive, it tells you all you need to know, battery life, speedometer, odometer, motor control. The motor starts up flawlessly, you can hardly can tell when the motor is running and when it isn’t.

It can take up to 300lbs and handle different terrains very well. You can easily average 13 mph effortlessly on the #4 setting. and if you want to max it out you can go to 23 mph that is advertised.

Another thing we like is the battery holds is charged and performs as advertised which not common in electric products.

Customer Reviews ButtonThe drawbacks are that this a bit of a learning curve and takes a little getting used to but that is to be said with any piece of technology. Also with the

18 months warranty its a no brainier if you want a good e-bike.

Lastly amazon do no have stock of this bike so we have provided a link direct to the company website which comes withs some added bonus like 30 days FREE trial, payment plans, extended warranty etc.


Front and rear disc brakes

18 month warranty + the option to extend the warranty for an additional12 months (The longest warranty on our list) + 1 year extended battery warranty

Foldable frame with connecting rod lock and self locking type safety hook Overall, the performance and the versatility of this electric bike makes it good for anyone.


Not good on ice

Quite expensive

Have to pay extra for extended warranty

Dashed Line

Cyrusher XF660 Fat Tire Review  500W

The Cyrusher XF660  is a full tire suspension e-bike that is available in a wide range of colours, this is a special piece of equipment from the well know brand Cyrusher and this bike really can do it all.

Dual disk brakes are affixed to a robust aluminium frame that weighs in at just 56 pounds. It comes with adjustable handlebar and seatpost, suitable for rider height around 5’4″-6’7″

The electric fat bike has 3 Working Modes: 

  • Ebike, 
  • Pedal Assisted 
  • Normal Pedalled.

You can do  absolutely nothing and have power assist activate every 10 or 15 seconds keeping you up to speed or  you can set the throttle to a speed you like and pedal or not pedal as you like.

Another thing we like is the unique front light and horn keep you safet night. You don’t have to worry the obstacle in front of you.

The top speed you can reach with this is  20mph with its  Shimano 7 Speeds shifter makes climbing hills a breeze. Also the battery distance is lasts for a solid 30-35 miles.

We road this bike and after 12 miles, there was still around 75% left in the battery on level 3 support, so this proves that the battery lasts much longer than 30 miles.

What’s important here is  the battery life and the fact that it lasts longer than expected, which is a great little bonus that we discovered.

The final piece of evidence comes in the form of great praise from one buyer who claims it is a super fun bike, does everything it’s supposed too and looks good too. Everyone who rides it has a smile on their face.



Adjustable handlebar and seatpostCustomer Reviews Button

Battery life lasts longer then advertised very useful for commuters

Front light and horn


Instructions could be clearly might be best to get your local bike shop to set this up


Dashed Line

Onway Fat tire E-bike Review

This fat-tire electric bike is a real beauty from Onway and when you look at it really gives you that “wow” factor about it. But looks is not the only good thing about it.

A 6061 aluminium alloy frame with RST alloy suspension fork  sets it apart with a good solid frame. With a surprisingly lightweight of just 60 pounds makes it that much more easier when riding.

Also coming with an adjustable seat so not matter your height this bike will fit any rider, which is great for hitting as many potential customers as possible.

The well known 7 speed gearing system from Shimano is featured once more and again a top speed of 20mph is achievable. Whats noticeable here though is the maximum distance on a charge.

A generous 46 miles is whats advertised, which is almost double of what we are usually use to see. Another likable features is the LCD, which displays such information as the power being on or off, along with a 9 level assist mode.

Rounding out the product are its 26″ tires, giving this fat tire e-bike a familiar aspect of all purpose, all terrain.


12 months warranty on the entire electric bike  Customer Reviews Button

46 mile range of a single charge 

Adjustable seat 


Very minimal shock absorption 



Dashed Line

Aceshin 26′ Electric Bike


The Aceshin is simply put as the best elecric bike for commuting under $1000!I bought this bike for commuting. You really do get the best value for your your money with this electric bike.

Even if you are in an area with a lot of hills and steep inclines,  the motor on the bike will handle these  effortlessly coupled along with the pedal assist.

This bike is perfect if you are not the fittest person as it would be very tough go up hilly areas without the powerful 250 watt motor on the bike.

The low, medium and high pedal assist options are really good with and it is very easy to assess which option you’ll need depending on the hill.

The battery is a lot heavier than you would  expected when holding it (sort of feels like holding a 3litre bottle of soda) But this can be forgiven because of the other fantastic features of the bike.

After testing this bike it had 5 charge Bars on power panel, I was able to cycle about 12 miles with that many bars, my route included a lot of hills and even more to get back home.

After all of that there was still 2-3 Bars left by the time I got to my front door, using a varied amount of low – high pedal assist for the hills and some throttling (3-5) mins worth for fun on flat surface.

It had started to rain on my return back however, the bikes power maintained fine and the motor just kept plodding on like it wasn’t raining, I was relieved as I had still a lot of hills and steep inclines to cycle up to get back home.

Customer Reviews ButtonIn summary this is a great bike for commuting and you get a decent bike for your money.


Save money on commuting reduce your carbon footprint

1 year standard manufactures warranty

Option to fold the bike to save space on storage


Plasticky peddles are not the best may be good to consider replacing them with metal ones