First of what is a Kayak trailer? A kayak trailer is a type of trailer that is designed to be towed behind the vehicle. It is one of the quickest, most efficient way to pull a kayak.

They have more space for different kayaks and other equipment, you can use this for canoes and bikes so it can come in really handy.

Is a kayak trailer really worth  $1000+?

I honestly think they are worth the investment only if you have the funds, especially anyone who is planing a kayaking trip with multiple kayaks, it is more or less essential to take one with you.

If you haven’t been before loading and unloading is one of those activities that can easily become quite tedious and stressful. 

However with a trailer you take out the heavy lifting as you don’t need to put it on your roof it saves you that hassle carrying the heavy kayaks risking back injury.

I was a bit skeptical when I started kayaking and thought how useful is a kayak trailer? But after I purchased one (and thought if I don’t like it I can simply return it) I didn’t regret my choice, you load the trailer closer to ground clip it to the back of your SUV and go loading and unloading is easy especially going in a group taking up to 6 kayaks is a breeze.

In no particular order the list shows the best kayak trailers and shows the best features of all them.

1.Auto Racks MicroSport kayak Trailer – Malone

Malone is a renowned trailer company. They always have top quality materials and they are a company that really put through into their designs. They are confident with all there products and this one give you the customer 5 year warranty so you can have piece of mind that you will have support if anything goes wrong .

This trailer can load up to 4 kayaks or any other items weighing up to 350lbs and 19ft long. The long length enables you yo carry SUP boards making this trailer useful in with more than one aspect.  This particular Malone trailer has been classified as the best fishing kayak trailer because it can take some of the longest kayaks on the market.

Customer Reviews ButtonIt achieves this by pre-galvanized frame which is anti-rust resistant, perfect when you venture into the sea with no qualms about corrosion. The wheels are galvanized to! so you can drive the trailer into the water.

Plus the trailer comes with a spare tire which is always handy and J-style kayak saddles making attaching your kayak even easier. Read customer reviews 



Key features of this kayak trailer

  19 foot length ideal for long fishing kayaks

 5 year warranty for peace of mind

  J-style kayak saddles included 

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2.  MicroSport Trailer Two Kayak Transport with 2 SeaWing Kayak Carriers

I have rated this as the best two seater kayak trailer on the market. This can transport up to 2 18inch long kayaks. Ideal for any size kayak you own especially the best for long Tandem kayak. It has award winning assembly time which can be done in just 2-3 hours!

Customer Reviews ButtonIt also comes with 2 free Sea Wing kayak carries more bang for your buck. As this is the brand is Malone you know they have quality materials,

and the entire frame is pre-galvanized meaning it will not corrode, essential when it will defiantly get wet. The customer service is also amazing and there are very quick to respond to may queries you may have.

 2 x Free SeaWing saddle style carries

 Award winning Assembly time

 Very response and helpful customer service


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3. Yakima Rack and Roll Trailer

The Yakima Rack and Roll Trailer has to be one of the best trailers for carrying heavy loads, boasting a 78-inch crossbar compatible with Yakima accessories  It is capable of carrying loads of up to 300lbs.

It comes with a dual spring shock absorbs which provide 4 inch wheel independent suspension.


If you don’t not have a lot of space to store your kayak trailer at home and you want to get  heavy duty trailer, this is the perfect one for you.

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There is a clever mechanism that can easily fold the kayak trailer in literally seconds. Allowing you to store this in an upright position saving you a lot of space.

If you are wary of theft this kayak trailer has locking levers with keys to prevent theft of the wheels and tongues vital parts of the trailer. This of one of the few models which have this feature.


 Can carry up to 300lbs 

 Adjustable dual shock absorbs

 Anti theft features for wheels & tongues of trailer


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4. Multi-Sport Multi-Rack Kayak Trailer

I have done a lot of research to find the best multi rack trailer and the Multi-Rack trailer by Right on was the best of the bunch The Right on Trailer is designed for carrying multiple things such as bikes, canoes and of course kayaks. The trailer has 2 tier of storage so you can take up to 6 kayaks!

Customer Reviews ButtonThis trailer is surprisingly wallet friendly ranging from $850-$1000. This trailer is extremely easy to build only 2 sizes of bolts and very user friendly instillation process you can assemble this with just one person, there are reviews of a 71 old building this all by their self!

It is also is very durable and stable when riding in your SUV you won’t hear any rattling or other clunky noises. This is because of the soft springs the trailer has to absorb impact.


Key features for this trailer

 Can take up to 6 kayaks with the two tier feature

 Best cheap kayak trailer for the exceptional quality design

 Easy loading and lightweight Crossbars come as standard




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5. Malone Auto Racks XtraLight Base Trailer – Best lightweight Kayak Trailer

The Malone Xtralight Base Trailer this is a light weight version of the Malone XtraLight 2

hence the name it is lightweight you may not want the extra carries the XtraLight 2 has and just need the base frame. Customer Reviews ButtonIt can carry up to 275 lbs and ideal for kayaks up to 14ft Long.

This is the best lightweight kayak trailer and is also quite price friendly.



 The best lightweight kayak trailer

 Budget friendly price

 Galvanized anti-rust steel frame



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Kayak Trailer Buying Guide

Kayak can be transported in a variety of different ways, if you have one kayak then you could simply put this on the roof of your SUV. However,if you have 2 or more kayaks you want to transport then a kayak trailer is the best way to go to save time and effort.

Buyer tips

  • Do not overload the kayak trailer – Try not to overload the kayak and make sure you don’t load more then the recommended amount. This can be dangerous as when you are driving at high speeds you don’t want the kayaks to fall off!


  • Kayak size on the Trailer – Take your time and fully measure your kayak most kayaks are single and tandem. be sure to know which one is use and get a trailer best suited for the kayaks you are taking, for example a good tandem kayak trailer would be Mircosport trailer on our list.


  • Weight Capacity – Every kayak trailer has a weight limit which will be the recommend safe loading weight. Be sure to check the wight capacity of the one you are buying, if not your will damage your kayak and the trailer!


  • Storage – Where you will store the kayak is sometimes an afterthought but seeing as it’s an expensive item you want to have a picture of where you are going to keep this bulky item. There is a Kayak in our list which is an incredible space save if this is the main factor for you this is the Yakima Rack and Roll  which also has some anti theft measure which is also good. If you don’t get this kayak then investing in a good quality clamp or padlock would be advisable.