Do *NOT* buy your Kids Snorkel without reading this vital *Safety* info first

When you are booking your snorkeling trip and you are taking your kids with you it’s a good idea to buy your kids snorkel set beforehand instead of renting. This more sanitary option for you kid and will keep them from catching any illness, as the kids snorkel gear you rent would of been worn by many other people and you do not know what they might have. Therefore it is best  to be safe then sorry and buy your own and they are relativity cheap $20$ – 50$ so won’t cost you that much.

Now to avoid the bad snorkels and the ones which could potentially SUFFOCATE stuff it is not recommend to use full face snorkel masks for you kids the reason being that sometimes if you take a deep breath the bubbles can get clogged and can stop your kid being and to take fresh air.

Also the fit, some masks just don’t fit kids and this can cause water to leak in. If you do get a full face mask it very important to check the fit outside of the water and test it in shallow water before diving straight in. There is a video at the end of this article which goes in a bit deeper about this. But for now lets jump right in and see our top picks for the best kids snorkels.

1. ELEMENTEX Naga Kids Snorkel Set – Editor’s Choice


Out of all the kids snorkel gear we have come across this is[easyazon_image align=”right” height=”500″ identifier=”B01KVZ740C” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”activexsports-20″ width=”500″] considered  the best snorkeling gear for kids on the market. NAGA is a top quality organization that is recognized for producing excellent gear.

The mask is fitted with tempered glass which is quite standard around snorkel masks  which makes it strong and durable. However this one has a built in anti-fog system helps ensure they get a clear view of all the underwater sea life. Plus it’s also scratch and shatter resistant. This means it can with stand up to the abuse from your kids! The adjustable mask makes sure the mask sits properly giving your child the perfect fit.

The snorkel includes a soft silicone mouthpiece that is comfortable for your child. meticulously designed to reduce jaw fatigue this snorkel also features a one-way purge valve. This ensures that no water goes up the rigid tube keeping your child from choking.

The trek fins included in this set have a short vented blade that splices through the water allowing effortless paddling for your young one. The open heel design is comfortable with an adjustable heel strap that  enables your child to grow with this fin.

This kids snorkel set is compact making it a great option for traveling. With the included quick drying mesh bag you can keep all your gear together with ease. The portable size allows you to get more use out of the snorkel set. NAGA is so confident that your child will love this snorkel set they even included a 90-day money back guarantee. To sweeten the deal, they added a 1-year warranty which a lot of brands do not offer this feature. And the reason they do is that they are confident with their product.


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2. Cressi Junior Rocks Mask Fin Snorkel Set


[easyazon_image align=”left” height=”500″ identifier=”B01H7TR4P0″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”activexsports-20″ width=”500″]This kids snorkel set brings together quality and affordability perfectly. The mask contains a robust tempered glass lens that is  very durable. The set has an an adjustable buckle, to enable your child to get the perfect fit. The snorkel also has a splash guard, which works to prevent water from entering the tube so your child can breathe easily and most importantly  safely.

The fins that come with this set are short and easy to use. Which delivers power with every kick, they allow your child to work muchCustomer Reviews Button more less and focus more on the water adventure. The open heel design features an adjustable strap that will grow with your child. Included in this package is a mesh bag that will hold all their gear together. This is handy for traveling as it works to keep all gear together and safe.


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3. Junior Diving Snorkel Set by Seavenger


Seavenger makes a high quality kids snorkel set that does [easyazon_image align=”right” height=”500″ identifier=”B00UM9UAAY” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”activexsports-20″ width=”500″]not put a hole in your wallet. This affordable set will have your kid loving the water like never before. It comprises of a single lens mask, your child will have a clear view of all the underwater life. This snorkel for kids has a dry top which lets your child to breathe freely while ensuring no water enters the tube. This is a must have Customer Reviews Buttonsafety feature as it reduces the chances of your child choking!

The fins in this snorkel set for kids has an open heel design which is perfect for your growing child, as it saves you money as you don’t have yo buy a new fin once they get bigger. The fin is short and generates power which enables  your child to not get tired while swimming. Last but not least, this snorkel set comes with a free gear bag which conveniently fits the entire set making it the ideal choice for traveling.


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4. HEAD SWIMMING Pirate Jr. Mask Snorkel Set


[easyazon_image align=”left” height=”294″ identifier=”B00EP04E9Y” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”activexsports-20″ width=”500″]This kids snorkel set comes with all that you will need to jump in the water. It has a mask, snorkel, fins, and even a compact carry bag. Plus this set comes exclusively in  two sizes (large and small) so it is sure to fit  your child whether their 1 or 13 years old.

The mask is made a soft silicone seal which makes a secure comfortable bond with their face. There are two  big tempered glass windows which provide a broad field of view. The nose is quite simple to squeeze which makes it easy to equalize when diving. This mask’s buckles are just as simple to use.

The snorkel itself has a one way valve which ensures no water enters the tube keeping your child safe and choke free. This is great for active divers or swimming where the surf is high. It also has a purge valve at the bottom end for those times you don’t have enough air to purge the tube yourself.Customer Reviews Button

The fins have an open heel design making them ideal for warmer water. They will fit snugly without moving around too much which can cause blisters or discomfort something you don’t want your child to have!


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5. U.S. Divers Youth Buzz Junior Snorkeling Set


This kids snorkel set comes with different size ranges which [easyazon_image align=”right” height=”500″ identifier=”B01N4P06YS” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”activexsports-20″ width=”500″]is uncommon of these sets and is the second one we found and included on our list. No matter what size you need U.S divers has it. Their package also comes in four fun colors to choose from ensuring that no matter what color your kid wants they can have it.

The mask has a tempered glass system which is also scratch resistant. The strap is wide and comfortable. The purge valve works as you would expected every time.

Customer Reviews ButtonThe fins have a unique three way adjustable strap which ensures the perfect fit. They also have an handy snap feature  which adds to your kicking power. The included bag fits all of this inside easily and protects it from bumps and scratches. Additionally this nag has an overt the shoulder strap very unique in the kids snorkel set category.

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During the research of children’s snorkels I came across some information about how dangerous full face snorkel masks can be for kids. For adults it is a lot better but for your children be vary wary. The video below goes in depth if you want to have a look.