Planning on going fishing then one of the best and popular ways to do this on water is with a kayak. First of all the kayak  is easy to bring to the water and it can also reach spots that other boats can’t.

Plus you can creep up on fish much easier since you are paddling and not using a loud noisy motor.  Here after long time researching we have found the best fishing kayak for the money. After doing so much research we have realised that it is vital to look at your own personal needs for a fishing kayak.

There are many different ones but if you know for example you have long legs or need lots of storage then get a kayak that meets those demands will be best for you. However we have a good selection of the best fishing kayaks so you should find one tailored to your needs. 

Best Fishing kayak Reviews 2020


Ocean Kayak Prowler Big Game II kayak review

When you are out fishing going after the “big one” needs patience and perseverance. The Prowler Big Game II Angler kayak helps you do BOTH, with a state-of-the-art seating system and more then enough storage features for a and enjoyable fun fishing experience.

The Prowler Big Game II has the multi-position Element Seating System, which is a high-strength and weather-resistant, the frame is constructed of anodized aluminum, with a mesh weave that provides all day comfort on the water.

You can store gear below deck in the large bow hatch, which has an easy-to-open click seal cover to keep your gear secure and dry. You can also store coolers, crates, tackle boxes, and more in the large rear tank well with bungee.

Versatile Gear Options

The Prowler Big Game II also comes with six strategically placed mounting brackets, allowing you to equip your gear the exact way you want it (without drilling into your hull). Plus gear management is a breeze; it is located in front of the Element Seating System the Mod Pod hatch.

This provides easy access to your fishing rods from the center of the kayak. In addition to a molded-in cup holder, the Mod Pod is loaded with a myriad of mounting options for after-market accessories, from rod holders to fishfinders.


Mod Pod system provides easy access to rods

Extremely scomfort seat with the “Elemental System Seating”

 Almost too much storage space


Kayak is quite heavy requires 2 people to load & unload weighs 70lbs! (A way around this is to have a kayak trailer we have a post on this)

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Perception Pescador Pro Sit On Top Kayak


The Perception Pescador Pro kayak is a series that has outstanding performance in, stability and comfort. The sit-on-top design offers generous amounts of storage and accessory mount options that make it easy to outfit the boat for all-day excursions.


This kayak is one of the most stable kayaks on the market superior stability give you confidence, even when you are standing up many customer have said they have regarded this kayaks as on of the most stable one out. this is because of the built-in buoyancy and stability the kayak has. 


Safety comes first when kayaking the Pescador Pro has a built-in buoyancy and stability means it has features that are designed to keep you steady and afloat. Also Each model also comes with a permanent U.S. Coast Guard-compliant hull identification number.


Like all Perception kayaks, the Pescador Pilot is designed for total durability and optimized weight. The high-density polyethylene and one-piece roto-molded construction provides UV, impact, and abrasion-resistance. Also the replaceable skid plate adds additional protection when dragging your gear-loaded kayak to the water(very rare for fishing kayaks). Stainless steel and brass hardware on the Pescador Pilot and Drive are ocean and saltwater-optimized, preventing corrosion for long-lasting performance.


A full day on the water need the best comfort you can get, and the Pescador Pilot is designed just that. The roomy and removable Pro Seat features zonal mesh to promote cooling airflow where you need it most.

The seatback adjustment  lets you tilt back for relaxed pedaling or forward for sportier pedaling.  Also the entire seat slides forwards and backwards to put you in the most comfortable pedaling position.


Comfortable kayaks for “Big Guys” or if you are just tall 

Extremely durable  with UV and abrasion resistance materials 

The most stable fishing kayak with built in buoyancy. Customer Reviews Button


The tackle box storage below the seat can make water fill up too much


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Vibe Kayaks Yellowfin 100

The vibe Yellowfin 100 is a light kayak but still has all the essential features needed. Regardless of the shorter length it comes with the regular Vibe Hero framed seat, which is their signature comfortable seats. It is stable which is a must for a good fishing kayak  the Yellowfin 100 tracks like butter  very smooth across all sorts of waters and conditions

It is also fast if the need arises the speed hull design ensures very fast and nimble tracking to let you getquickly to where the fish are, while saving your energy during long paddles, windy days, and strong currents.

Comfort is at a premium with the vibe kayaks with a dual position, ventilated “Hero Seat” adjustable foot braces for any size you are. Plus easy access fishing gear tracks, paddle parks, and a handy cup holder.

Key Features

  • 375 Pounds of Load Capacity
  • 4 Fishing Rod Holders
  • Fish Finder Mount
  • 4 Accessories Gear Tracks
  • Waterproof Cargo Hatches
  • Lots of Storage Space
  • Premium Seat
  • 4 Phantom Grip comfort handles


 The smaller size means better maneuverability then longer kayaks

 Signature hero seat to support your back and relive back pain for long fishing tripsCustomer Reviews Button


90 degree edges along the bottom of the sides. Although this make the yellowfin more stable, its harder to find a j-rack carrier that can safely carry it.


Summary Video Review


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Sun Dolphin Aruba 10-Foot – Best Sit-in Fishing Kayak for thr money 


This kayak is the best sit in fishing kayak for the money. I reviewed and researched for hours and found the best sit in kayak in terms of money and quality.

Build Quality

Upon getting in and testing this Kayak, there were very few issues that affected me, it’s solidly built and after using it, I am quite pleased. The cockpit is wide and entering/exiting even by myself from a beach to get onto the river was a breeze. The foot pegs and thigh pads are nifty and allow for a decent degree of control.

I am tall and even the deepest foot peg slots are still a little short, but I can still sit comfortably in it with my feet on the pegs without compromising comfort too much.

Adjustable seat

Not fully adjustable, but it goes forward and backward. It has 1 plastic clip on each side of the seat near where it is secured to the rivet. I am a quite big guy so I loosened it so  to make seat stays against the cockpit plastic back and never had any problems.

If you are a smaller/shorter person may want to lock it more forward so the nylon straps and plastic are supporting them closer to the foot pegs.


The storage is another highlight of this kayak and there is lots of it. There is a water bottle holder on front worked decently and so did the paddle holder for dry storage.

Rear compartment is kind of hopeless to open while on the water unless you can turn totally around, but is really nice if you are with people who can paddle up to you for access or if you go to shore. The rear compartment also has a foam seal around it and is secured by bungee cables arranged in a star pattern that hook onto the plastic hooks on each side. 

The kayak has a few stand out features;

  • Large open cockpit with adjustable padded seat with high back support
  • Convenient gear storage with shock cord deck rigging
  • Adjustable foot braces
  • Rugged UV-stabilized Fortiflex High Density Polyethylene
  • Carrying handles and water bottle holder


Excellent build quality 

 Adjustable foot rests and thigh pads

Customer Reviews Button


 Paddle holder tends to come loose while being carried or moved quickly


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BKC Tandem Kayak Review-Best fishing kayak for beginners

This kayak is specially designed for fishing in deep lakes. It is a tandem kayak so you can bring a friend along with you. Or if you want to go by yourself you can but the option for two people is there. Plus it being a sit-on-top kayak it makes getting in and out of the kayak a breeze.

This kayak features a 34-inch beam, it has excellent stability which is vital when fishing as being unstable can cause you to lose fish. Therefore this fishing kayak is great for beginners as it offers stability in strong currents also so you can fish without your boat rocking.

The are 7 rod holders 3 articulated and 4 flush road holders so if you have a variety of different hooks you can bring them along with you, there are also removable so you can adjust to suit your preference.

Twin waterproof storage hatches to put your food, snacks and any valuables you may have brought along with you. the paddles conveniently snap apart and can be re attached in the slots provided behind your seat. Highly useful if you need to free you hands.

this comes with a pre-installed threaded bolt holes so you can add a motor mount or any other accessories very useful! stand out features and cons are below


  Backed by 5 year warrantyCustomer Reviews Button

   7 rod holders

   Excellent stability

   Bolt holes to add a motor or other accessories


May be heavy to carry for one person

Some of the adjustable rods can intervene with the paddling